About Scubamask

We are a small team of passionate artisan designers who produce stylish handmade face masks in Munich.

Nowadays, face coverings are worn against many influences: allergy triggers, dust, pollution, pathogens, and also cold weather.

We know that good looks help make you feel more comfortable and confident. ScubaMasks are designed to combine functional wear with a fashionable look, if necessary, also with an additional EN95 or FTP2 / 3 filter (not included).


Because we still want to look good with a mouth and face covering.

Light, flexible and breathable 

ScubaMasks are made of excellent material that is similar in material to the neoprene of surf suits. (English scuba = diving device). The term "scuba" for textiles, therefore, means clothing made of neoprene, but with different fabric properties: Scuba fabrics are made from fine fibers and are knitted on both sides. It is made of polyester with a percentage of elastane, which makes it very soft and smooth.


ScubaMasks are therefore very elastic and return to their original shape as soon as they have been stretched. ScubaMasks are comfortable to wear all day and thanks to their durability; they are the right choice for a reusable face mask.

The lightness, flexibility, and breathability of our handmade fabric, therefore, offers the best prerequisites for designing a well-fitting and fashionable face mask that meets the diverse needs of stylish people in the 21st century.


Thanks to the minimalist unisex design of our Scubamask, a stylish combination with every everyday outfit is possible, whether in a suit, smart casual, or just casual.


We currently offer our Scubamasks in three trendy colors in three sizes: L = Large for men, M = Medium for women and adolescents, and S = Small for children.


Juan S., Madrid (Spain)

I like how the Scubamask looks; like a modern accessory on your face. Bought it in anthracite.


Overall, the Scubamask looks very qualitative.

Ben R., Berlin (Germany)

I am very happy with my Scubamask. It fits well and feels very pleasant.


Very fast delivery ... the next day I had the Scubamask in the mailbox!

Abella B., Lyon (France)

I bought the silver Scubamask because I can easily combine this color with my clothes, it looks very neutral. For a sharper contrast with my outfit, I still get the Scubamask in coral.